Ecosystem Services, LLC (ecos) assists landowners, buyers and selllers of conservation, recreation and sporting ranches in achieving their vision of a natural, scenic and productive landscape. This vision may entail a western sunset viewed from horseback, fishing knee-deep in a cool running trout stream, hiking or hunting in a pristine wilderness, or conquering an exhilarating river rapid. This vision provides the connection to the natural world that is paramount to the maintenance of human health and well being.

For Landowners, Ranchers and Land Managers

The natural resources on your land may be wonderful, but with thoughtful stewardship they can be exquisite. We assist in the realization of your personal vision. Ecos provides the expertise to guide you through the optimization of your property’s most valuable assets - streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, forests, wetlands, and wildlife habitat. We work with you to identify opportunities, optimize existing habitat, create new habitat, and define stewardship strategies and tactics to attain your personal, conservation and business goals. Once optimized, the ecological benefits derived from your water and wildlife resources, such as fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation and ecotourism will enhance the economic value of your land.

For Land Buyers and Sellers

Ecos assists land buyers and sellers and their representatives in realizing the potential value the land may yield for guest and recreational ranching, fishing, hunting, and conservation. This ecological visioning process complements a seller’s marketing package or a buyer’s due diligence research. It focuses on the ecological benefits the land has to offer based on habitat optimization. An expanded version of this process may be used to document the natural resources that exist prior to the establishment of a conservation easement thereby enhancing easement valuation and tax benefits.


If you are a land seller, contact us to see how we can partner with you to highlight the ecological gems on your property in an effort to make it more desirable to buyers.

If you are a land buyer, contact us to help you formulate your vision for the property by exploring all of its ecological opportunities.

If you are a land owner, let us help reconnect you with the natural world, realize your vision, and preserve it for generations to come.

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